Our base

Istra Charter base is located in the idyllic and peaceful harbour of Trget. Reaching our base is fast and easy, regardless of the type of transport. If arriving by car, follow the recommended route. If arriving by plane, you will land at the airport of Pula, which is a twenty-minute drive from our base. Transfer Pula – Trget – Pula is available for guests at all times.

About Trget

Trget is a small fishing village located in the bay of Raska. The place was named after the traiectum, or the transportation of persons and cargo from one side of the bay to the other.

The name originates from the Roman Empire, when the road connecting Pula with Trsat, not far from Rijeka, was passing here. The ruins of the Romanesque church of Sv. St. George with protruding apse. Historical sources also mention the existence of the medieval citadel of St. Juraj. Numerous ancient reliefs have been discovered in the hinterland of Trget. Trget came to life at the end of the 19th century, when in 1889 a coal sewage separation and port was built nearby. In the era of Italy, between the two world wars, this port was called Valdivagna and later Valpidocchio.

After Genoa it was the largest coal bunker port. The present name of the Brsica port is named after an evergreen tree called the berschit (blackberry), which grows in this area.

The bay of Raska is more than 12 km (6 miles) long, with an average width of 1 km (0.5 miles) and a maximum depth of 44 meters. It is also known for its abundance of fish stocks and shells, and for its beautiful secluded beaches surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation.
(something else added about Trget today, probably forshaw restaurants, apartments, charter and the like, or something like our “family business”)

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